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Prodotto: Sistemi monitoraggio ozono
Categoria: Generatori d'Ozono
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These Single Point Wall Mounted Instruments work on 220 VAC mains supply and have a sensor fitted at the end of a cable. They use an IP 55 enclosure for the electronics as standard. The sensor is located at the site to be monitored and the monitor electronics in a safe area/instrumentation room. They are provided with two alarms both audible and visual along with relays and recorder output of 0-1 v and 4-20 mA. They are meant for continuous operation of area rnonitoring with continuous read out, plus vital status indicators

Used for continuous surveillance single point monitoring either toxic or flammable gases in work places or enclosed spaces.

• Two alarms audible and visual alongwith acknowledge and reset buttons, both set points viewable from front face
• One NO C NC potential free relay contact per alarm
• Confidence flash
• 0-1 V and 4-20 ma recorder output
• Alarm and buzzer inhibit switches provided
• One alarm high the other settable as Low or High alarm
• All connections under cable entry cover through glands
• Status indicators for Alarm, alarm acknowledge, Buzzer inhibit, Relay inhibit & Confidence flash

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